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Shirley Jo Howard (The Shoe Lady), owner of The Glass Slipper, and associate, Maurice Stroman, travel to many different dance festivals and competitions throughout the year with shoes to sell. Usually, even though you may not participate in the event, coordinators allow customers to come in to purchase shoes. Please review the following Calendar of Events to see when we will be in your city. For further information, contact The Glass Slipper (503)282-0069, or email

January 25
Evergreen Ballroom Showcase
Medford, Oregon
February 7-10 Fresno Jazz Festival
Fresno, California
February 15-17
Sweetheart Jamboree
Bellvue Hilton, WA
February 17
Arthur Murray Showcase
Jantzen Beach Red Lion
March 8-10
South Coast Clambake Jazz Festival
The Mill Casino, Coos Bay, Oregon
April 26 Evergreen Ballroom Showcase
Medford, Oregon
April 26-28 Raindance, Norse Hall
Portland, Oregon
May 9-12

Redwood Coast Music Festival
Eureka, CA
May 16-19

May 24-25
Southern Oregon Swing Convention
Ashland, Oregon

Pasadena Lindy Hop Dance
Pasadena, California
June 14-16

June 27-30

Butterfly Ball, Round Dance
Spokane, Washington

America's Classic Jazz Festival
Saint Martins University Campus
Lacey, Washington
July 11-14 Portland Dance Festival, Country & Swing
Sheraton Airport Hotel, Portland, Oregon
August 11 Arthur Murray Showcase
Jantzen Beach, Red Lion
August 30-Sept 2 Hot Jazz Jubilee, DoubleTree Hotel
Sacramento, CA
September 26-29 BridgeTown Swing
Hilton, Vancouver, WA
October 17-19 Sun Valley Music Festival
Sun Valley, Idaho
October 24-27 Jubilee by the Sea Jazz Festival
Pismo Beach, CA
October 31-November 3 Arizona Classic Jazz Festival, Crowne Plaza
Chandler, AZ
November 8-10 Sea to Sky Annual Swing Dance Covention
Seatte. WA
November 22-23 Harvest Moon Swing Camp
PBDA, Pasadena, CA 
November 27-December 1
Thanksgiving Dixieland Jazz Festival
Town & Country Resort
San Diego, CA



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