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Fitting and Care For Your Shoes

General Fitting
Dance shoes are generally worn snugger than street shoes. They must fit snugly, but without pinching, to maintain balance on the dance floor. The shoes will stretch, so they must start out tighter than they will normally be worn; however, they should not hurt. They should fit like a glove, different from a street shoe.

Closed Toe Fitting
Closed toe shoes are generally worn for the Smooth dances. In closed-toe styles (women’s and men’s) the toes should be as close to the end of the shoe as comfortable, without crunching your toes.

Waltz               Foxtrot             Tango               Quickstep

Open Toe Fitting
It is the general preference that open toe shoes are worn for the Latin dances. In open-toe shoes, the sole should be completely covered by your feet; some dancers prefer their toes go over the sole by up to ¼ inch. This is completely up to the wearer preference.

Salsa                Samba              Rumba             Cha Cha           Paso Doble      Jive

Please order your shoes according to your U.S. sizing. We will convert as needed for the European shoes.

Shoe Care
We recommend brushing the suede soles of the shoes to keep them free of wax build up from the dance floor. The wax will cause soles to wear out faster. Also, make sure to never wear your dance shoes outside. Men’s shoes should be cared for like any leather shoe. Ladies fabric shoes can be cleaned with a damp cloth for light dirt, or shoe fabric cleaner.

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